Connect to Living Well
8 Week Lifestyle Coaching Journey

Through this 8 week program you will reflect, learn, assess and experiment with how to Connect to Living Well. Each week we will have a main theme, this theme will be discussed in our weekly coaching call, you will receive daily posts & emails along with an easy follow workbook.

The goal is to teach you new healthy habits and how to implement them successfully, help you to embrace vulnerability and how to practice gratitude, along with so much more.

This program is designed for people who want to make lifestyle changes but don’t know where to start or feel overwhelmed when they have tried in the past. And for people who have already started implementing changes but are looking to learn more, stay accountable and to get some help with their own personal challenges.

If you are a new parent, aspiring business owner, newly in recovery (disease, illness, addiction…) this program will give you the tools to step into the next part of your life.

Connecting to Living Well Pillars
Reflection & Gratitude
Connection & Vulnerability
Rest & Harmony
Nutrition & Exercise
Self Care & Creativity
Proactive health & Living Well

Program Runs from April 10th to May 29th - ONLY 15 Spots Available! Registration Opens March 22nd.
Register by March 31st to Save $50.

DoTERRAHealthy Habits Kit
Doterra 1 year membership
4 – 30 minute one on one coaching calls
8 – 60 min group coaching
1 – Intro swag bag
1 – Thank you swag bag
Daily Facebook lives with Sarah & Guests
Private coaching group for Spring members
Program workbook in PDF Format

Your Price $499 (or $449 if you purchase by March 31)
Program Value $1,500+

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