What do you do?

“You know how  _________________________________________________________________,

well I teach people how to ________________________________________________________________ by


INSERT ENDING QUESTION AT THE END ie) “Have you ever used essential oils?

Example 1:

You know how most people feel informed but lack the tools to feel better in their body?  Well I connect people to the most effective essential oils + resources they need to feel amazing in their body. Have you ever used essential oils?

Example 2:

You know how more people are seeking a natural approach for supporting the health of their body + home? Well I teach people how to replace toxic items they are using on/in their body and in their home with simple, effective natural solutions. Have you ever tried using a more natural skin care product?

Write below 2-3 ‘What do you do’ word tracks that relate to your story and your network of people. Then practice them every day.

  1. Express your goals and dreams: “My whole life I have always wanted to be involved in a cause that really changed people’s lives and that could allow me to earn an income so that we could be financially free.”

  1. Describe Your Career Path: “That’s why as soon when I got the opportunity to start my own business I dropped out of college and started a business helping entrepreneurs build online businesses. But something was still missing in my life. A level of fulfillment that just wasn’t there and I was working 60 hours a week, dealing with employees, payroll and the stresses of always wondering if the business would survive to the next week.

  1. I Reached A Point Where I Didn’t Think It Was Possible: “I was exhausted and was far from finding a path that would allow me to be free and pursue my life purpose.”

  1. Then I Experienced X Health Challenge: “Our two youngest sons kept experiencing poor drainage in their ears and we were constantly heading into the walk in clinic. We were getting so frustrated and knew there had to be a better way to support them. Some other way we could help our kids. A close friend introduced us to doTERRA essential oils, which we were super skeptical to try, but in desperation we wanted something to help our children.”

  1. The Result & Feeling Empowered: “To our surprise after using a couple suggested oils applied around their ears a few times a day, they quickly recovered and were back to being crazy little boys. For the first time in our life we felt that we had found an answer, which we could be in control. We felt empowered to better care for our family.”

  1. If I Could Share What I Had Learn, Serve & Educate Others & Eventually Replace My Income & Be FREE, Why Wouldn’t I at Least Try? “After this happened for our sons and we started learning and understanding how we could use essential oils to support our health in the face almost every single health challenge, we felt an intense desire to share with others what we learned.”

  1. I’m Always Looking For People Who Are Passionate About Create A Life Of Freedom & Purpose Or People Who Want To Turn Their Passion For Health & Wellness Into A Full Time Income. Are you married to your job or are you open to other opportunities?

  1. Express your goals and dreams: “As long as I can remember I have had a passion for healing and helping people with their health challenges. Like most health care professionals felt a deep desire to change the world by serving people. I also wanted to be able to create an income and life that would allow me to be free from the rat race, do volunteer work and really see the world.”

  1. Describe Your Career Path: “That’s why I become a ____________ (Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Teaching, Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, MD) and I absolutely love having my own practice and helping people who come in. I have also always had a desire to be on the forefront of different natural modalities that I could use help my patients beyond the traditional realm of what most health professionals know.

  1. I Reached A Point Where I Didn’t Think It Was Possible: “I remember one day after seeing over 80 patients and seeing my schedule for the next day, which looked the same, that I had become a slave to my schedule. If I didn’t see that many patients I couldn’t pay my bills and my love for healing and helping others was still there, but didn’t have the same burning passion. I also realized that If I got hurt and couldn’t lay my hands on the next patient, that I would be out of business. I knew that I had to make some changes.”

  1. The Skeptical Try: “I always heard from my patients about different products and things they were taking that I should offer, but always blew it off as something that couldn’t meet my standards and expectations. Then a long time patient gave me a sample of deep blue essential oil from a company called doTERRA and I promised to try it because she knew I had been having some back issues myself.”

  1. The Result & Feeling Empowered: “The next week when I saw her, I almost didn’t want to admit how incredible it had worked for myself and another patient I had tried it with. I had been exposed to a lot of pain creams, but nothing had worked like this and for the first time I felt like I had something that could magnify my ability to heal and help others, even when I didn’t have my hands on them. I quickly found myself sharing my experience with other patients and peers.”

  1. What I have learned is that most of my peers want to deliver better results, have more free time and create an additional income that grows with our with out them and I am always looking for other health professionals I can teach to do the exact same thing.


My desire is to impact women to really light up…to be aligned with their calling and to have this sweet spot harmony between their health, their relationships and their finances. I attract + influence women interested in this, because I have shown through my own journey that THIS IS POSSIBLE. I hold space for women to do this.


I spent years in a job making good income but feeling like an imposter. Not living my truth and serving others with my highest self. I left that job, had 2 beautiful girls and felt a great responsibility to them to be not only a fulfilled + happy mother, but to do the work I knew I was being called to do.


I had spent my mat leaves pursinging my certifications as a personal trainer + holistic nutritionist and launched by biz HOL:FIT. And while this did light me up for about 5 years - I always felt like there was something greater for me to fulfill. And I wanted to be a light for other women looking to be empowered in every way - in their physical/emotional/financial health.


I was witnessing these powerful shifts happen for women in their health, where for the first time in their life they were showing up and they were feeling like they were being primed to create change…a better life for themselves. Women are tired of playing small. We are unlimited. But until I had the right vehicle + tool to integrate - I didn’t know how to create this space.

6.THE RESULT AND FEELING EMPOWERED The oils are a gift and they provide healing to us on many levels..spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially. I can’t wait to look back and say…”do you remember when we used to feel helpless?”


My name is Ange, I’m a mother of 2, founder of HOL:FIT, holistic health + biz coach. I’m committed to showing up as my highest self for others through self care, empowerment + personal development.  I am an example of and have created the space for women to live beautiful, full + free lives in every way