The First Blog Post

The idea of sharing my journey is tricky, because I (Sarah) am not the only one on the journey. My family and my friends have as many ups and downs as I have and sharing my truth I often will have to do so while exploring and understanding theirs.

This first post is going to be just about me… and maybe a cat or two. 

Sharing my truth… that is a statement that sounds so new age and millennial that it almost makes me want to hit the back space, but the fact is that is just what I’m going to be doing.  I am a 33, married to my husband Skylar and parent to a step daughter and two cats. I’m a chubby, loud, creative, excitable and motivated person on a good day and chubby and excitable every other. 

I created Connect to Wellness years before I knew I needed it only knowing that I knew that connection was an important part of life.

A brief synopsis of my life:
Great family! Middle child. First job was at a movie theatre where I made life long friends. Second job was at a Vespa shop where I fell in love with everything Italian. Third Job Owner of a cute café (Luzzara). Fourth job selling fancy espresso machines & coffee (where I met my husband – he was a customer). Now: My Mother & I run Makers & Mentors – creative workshops. My husband and I DJ weddings and I share my passion of essential oils & community with everyone.

f you look closely, very closely you will see I keep moving, stay busy, have a project and for a long time this was my normal. Spend the day moving, planning, executing and the evening exhausted and in front of the television. When Skylar and I moved in together life began to change… QUICKLY. 

When you begin living and sharing a life with someone they become your mirror, you are made aware of your bad habits, quirks, strengths and successes, these lesson usually come at the wrong moments and are not fun. The problem is growth and personal development are hard, painful and at times really uncomfortable, life in general is a work in progress and has its ups and downs. Connect to Wellness is a community that is here to become support, motivate and encourage a connect life, lived well.

What do I mean by “a connect life, lived well” I mean, we try and sometimes we fall and it is a lot easier to get up when we have a tribe cheering us on. I mean, growth can hurt, but hearing someone else’s story can inspire us to keep doing the work. I mean, just living can be tough (stress, mental illness, addiction, disease) knowing that we have a community to lean on and tools in our tool kit to help us keep moving in a health, kind, soulful way can be the difference from an ok day and a really bad day. 

Over the next few months you will learn more about my journey - co-dependence, stress, weight gain, weight loss, family struggles, marriage, essential oils and so much more. I hope you will join me and share your story and your truth.