Sleep... or Lack of.

Sleep has never been a problem for me; when I was young I told my parents and anyone who would listen that I NEVER slept. Still to this day I am made fun of my old family friends and relatives who remember me waking from a nap and saying "I wasn't sleeping, I was tricking you." or "I never sleep, my eye are just resting." My mother remembers when I came home from high school and said i was going for a nap, she almost hit the floor. 

I learnt the importance of sleep the last few months of grade twelve. I was busy with a job at a movie theatre (late nights), in at least two plays and had to have a full social life. I hit the wall in May, I thought I had the flu, but rather it was mono and I was out for the count, 3 weeks to be exact. 

That experience, made me undeniably aware of the power we have in our health and how some people don't have that power. I remember thinking "If this is was chronic fatigue syndrome or cancer treatment feels, I don't know if I'd last" for three weeks I only had enough energy to walk about 10 feet before needing to lay on the floor where it was cool after I got better I became hyper aware of my body a scratch in the throat or a stomach ache, I rested, took vitamins and changed my diet. Today I am grateful that I don't get sick often, I know how to better pace myself (as a go getter this is always challenging). 

When I married, I was reminded how challenging health can be for some people. My husband has a few conditions and none of them do well without getting a good sleep. Sleep is so natural, refreshing and rejuvenating... if you can fall asleep. Me head on the pillow, out like a light. Skylar, head on the pillow... 20-40 minutes he'll get to sleep, never deep, often wakes up and wakes feeling underwhelmed with the quality. 

We have implemented so of the common sleep routine suggestions and they have helped:
- No phones in the bedroom - We bought an alarm clock and now awake to the radio.
- Essential oils - Each of us use different oils on our body, but we diffuse lavender or cedarwood.
- Meditation - Skylar is a great meditator he will regularly spend 10-20mins before bed meditating in our zen room. Meditation for me looks a bit different, I use guided meditations often about gratitude or kindness. 
- Cool room - I LOVE sleeping with the window open and the breeze blowing, it is recommended to 60-67 degrees F or 15.5-20 degrees C.

For more tips and tricks, let's connect on or off line.