What I think About Selling A Product Through Direct Sales

What I think About Selling A Product Through Direct Sales

Over the years I’ve sold different things, from popcorn to Vespa scooters to high-end coffee equipment to the everyday cup of joe in my very own café and the commonality between all of them was that I loved what I sold.

Today I sell quality essential oils from a company I have come to truly respect and admire. DōTERRA is one of those companies that strive to provide a product that is both useful but also has impact on the entire product life cycle, from the people who harvest, the distillers, the Wellness Advocates and even the plants themselves. I love this product! Everyday I find a new use for an oil for myself or my family, everyday I am grateful that I have them in my tool kit of life resources and everyday I am proud to sell this product.

People often scoff at direct selling companies because of their payment structure “You can’t make money” they say “It’s a scheme” they say, but as a person who has owned a few businesses over the last 10 years I think these statements are funny. Funny because if you talk to a business owner you will learn they work their butts off sometimes 16 hours a day (I did when I owned my café) they will joke that they are getting paid pennies an hour. The initial investment into their business was likely very high and sometimes even though they worked extremely hard their business was not successful.

In the direct selling model, you connect with people who you resonate with and who resonate with you, they become your customer and business partners and you help to educate, support and service them. In this model, if you work hard and build a clientele you will make a CONSISTENT income. I emphasize consistent, because you need to build the clientele first and do the work to BE consistent – so if you work hard for a week or even five and then you drop of the planet for 3 months and wonder why you aren’t making any money… think about it, you wouldn’t expect your brick and mortar business to thrive if that’s how you ran it. Over time, your clients become regular purchasers; you can possibly work less hours (while staying consistent) you will begin to have your income that supports you without having to work at the same intensity.

Now you say “But it isn’t REALLY your own business, you are selling someone else’s product”. To you I say this: there are two way to sell someone else’s product, the first is to own a store that buys products either directly from the manufacture or from a distribution company in this case I would be selling someone else’s product WHILE being bound to a brick an mortar location with high overhead and little ability to have freedom to travel, parent, have another job… and with the HIGH likelihood of failure (96% of small businesses in Canada fail in their first year). The other time you sell someone else’s product is when you are either an employee /sales rep, in which case you make relationships, educate customers, support them and if you change the company you work for you have to start all over again, your territory could shrink, the business could go under and all the hard work you did is for not.


And lets be real, business isn’t for everyone (that stat from earlier shows that a lot of people aren’t cut out for it), it is perfectly ok to want to go to a job you love and do amazing at it, come home and create art, cook, play sports or watch Big Brother but for others, being in business come naturally, it’s a calling and they get excited about it like you might about knitting or basketball.
For me, I know the work can be hard sometimes, I’m out of my comfort zone more lately they I ever have been in the past, but knowing I am helping people with a product that can support their different issues all and I get to make an income to support many family and build a foundation for our future.

So here is the long and short of it:
I sell a product I LOVE, I get to do so from wherever I want, I can work crazy hard or slow and steady, I get to build beautiful relationships and make an income doing so.
Some people “recruit” hard, I like to build relationships and find those customers who want to turn their love of oils into a business, work with them to create a pace that fits their life, all while doing it consistently. Direct sales is about connection and relationships.