Connect to Wellness

Connect to Wellness empowers others to live a life that is connected, to their health, their community,
their loved ones and themselves. 

It is an inherent human need to feel connected.


Essential Oils / Health

When we have the energy to take on the world, we can be unstoppable. Our world is filled with toxins, on our food, in cleaning supplies & in the product we put on our skin, learning how to live more a more non-toxic life can be empowering physically, emotionally and mentally. 



Become part of our community, learn about how we "live well", about essential oils or get tips on how to successfully build a community of your own.


Living Well

When we talk about living well, we mean: living a life you love, feeling good (mentally, physically & spiritually) in it and traveling through the journey with purpose (being a great parent, being a voice for those who don't have one, building a business you love)
Here you will find resource, tool & coaching.